Adega Avelina is located in the small village of Córgomo, in Vilamartín de Valdeorras municipality. Valdeorras is one the most diverse regions in Galicia´s countryside, with a strong personality determined by its climate, natural resources and lifestyles. Main attractions in this valley are the landscapes, the heritage and the gastronomyFrom the historical perspective, the area keeps a deep trace from the roman empire and the middle age, with some important remains from those periods of History as churches, bridges, paths, common houses, castles, etcetera. Córgomo itself is a nice village with narrow streets, old houses and traditional balconies, including the one that belonged to a famous local poet, Florencio Delgado Gurriarán, whose verses can be read in some walls of the village.
Gastronomy is one identity basis of Valdeorras where, since ancient times, the wine represent one of its main economic activities, due to its exceptional climate and soils for vineyards. Apart from wine, roasted and raw meet, traditional pies and desserts with some nuts make a complete menu. In here, gastronomy and nature are very close, meaning that the along the year we find different colour and textures in both landscapes and the plates. This is a land made of contrasts, with mountains and hills that change their look along the year Chestnuts and wild mushrooms in the fall, smoked meets in winter time, fresh vegetables in spring and intense red fruits during the summer. The highest mountains in Galicia are in this area, surrounding the river Sil that flows creating deep beautiful valleys.