Our link with wine business started at the very beginning of the twentieth century, when most vineyards in Galicia were devastated by the phylloxera plague and a new time in wine industry had to be started.
Then, Avelina, born in 1909 and grandmother of the current managers of
the cellar, lead the interest of this family for wine business.
Avelina developed wide knowledge in replanting vines, accomplishing a renowned career in cultivating scions with american root, resistant to the phylloxera. As a recognition, the new cellar was named after her as she plant the seeds of this project and also, as a tribute to the role of the mothers in our society, as the link that make past, present and future walk together.


1910 Plantation of the first vineyards after the phylloxera plague
1920 The original cellar is built above a traditional cave already used for storing wine
1962 The cellar gets bigger buying new vineyards and improving the facilities
1998 Adega Avelina is stablished and joins the Regulatory Council of Valdeorras Wines
1999 First harvest of our wines Casal de Furcos godello and mencía
2003 The production grows and the company moves into a modern and more suitable facility
2008 The old cellar is restored into a restaurant that is rent for events
2010 We start receiving visitors sent by Turgalicia, the main galician touristic organization
2011 Casal de Furcos, our main wines, are rebranded as ROCÍO, the cellar´s forth generation
2013 We market our first wine aged in oak barrels, Casal de Furcos mencía barrica

Agustín: “The best part of this cellar´s past is that it still has a great future”
Avelina: “I was born between vines, my sons and granddaughter too, and that´s our legacy”
Amancio: “We are not just the owners of a cellar, over all, we consider ourselves wine makers”
Servando: “The satisfaction of our clients is built from the vineyards we love and take care of”
Cristina: “More than a job or a business, making wine is a proper lifestyle”
Rocío: “–Rocio, where are you going with those nice boots? –To harvest the vines with grandpa!”