The cellar is placed in Córgomo, a small village in Vilamartín de Valdeorras municipality. Its wines CASAL DE FURCOS are made 100% of godello and mencia grapes and they are the best example of this family business with almost one hundred years dedicated to viticulture. The main label, Casal de Furcos ROCÍO, is a tribute to the little Rocío, our forth generation walking along these vineyards.
  • Based in 1998
  • 7 hectares of vineyards
  • 100.000 bottles per year
This new cellar is placed in a slope surrounded by vineyards, combining tradition and modernity. All the facilities, including the production, aging and tasting areas, are prepared to welcome visitors. Close to these new facilities we find the ancient winery, set around 1920 and now restored into a restaurant keeping the old style and the cave where the wine used to be aged.
Most of our harvest come from new plantations of mencia and godello, although some of our seven hectares of vineyards are seventy years old. This follows our philosophy of keeping a balance between old and new. Nowadays in Adega Avelina we produce around 100.000 bottles per year, with our aim focused in personal varietal wines made with mencia and godello grapes and bottled under the label Casal de Furcos ROCÍO.